Monday, April 23, 2012


Spring has sprung in Colorado!  I thought I'd just do a quick update while I have a minute. . .

Henry is. . .crawling, pulling to a stand on everything, saying mama and dada, very into silliness, jumping, laughing at Lacy, and attempting to sleep all night long.  :-)

The ladies at school did my hair today!

SPF is my friend

Bathtime is pretty much my favorite thing ever!

Look at me stand!

Monday, April 9, 2012

8 Months - Happy Easter!

Henry is was 8 months old today yesterday - 2/3 of a year!  He is becoming more and more of a little man all the time.  Lately we've been having some issues with sleeping at night, and I'm suspecting a bit of separation anxiety setting in.  He usually goes down normally, but around 3am he wants to snuggle.  But he's still the same loveable, fun boy all day long, so I guess a little sleep loss isn't too bad considering. 

Henry started crawling on March 29th.  I was home with him in the evening while Chad made one more run from our old place and suddenly he decided he wanted the remote control which was sitting on the floor.  I thought for sure that he had done it that day at school but I asked, and they said he had been very close but didn't have the arms down.  Well, he certainly has them down now!  One night this week when I picked him up from school he was sitting on the floor and when he saw me he crawled over to me.  That was pretty cool. 

He is starting to make the gradual switch to formula, and has been trying all kinds of new solid food as well.  So far he really only has an issue with strong citrus fruit.  He still loves bananas, avocados, and veggies, and this week he tried a muffin, tortilla, and pretzels at school.  He even tried some grilled chicken from my salad at lunch yesterday and it was a hit. 

Henry is also into toys that make noise when shaken, and strings of all kinds.  He also likes blocks, and banging them on things to make noise.  We got him a "car" yesterday - a walker that looks like a little car complete with steering wheel.  He isn't quite touching the ground yet, but he does love to hit the horn, and even responded by doing that when I asked him about the "beep beep" today.  He thinks it's pretty cool, and we feel the same way about him. 

UPDATE: I wrote this last night, and am finally uploading the pics tonight, and now I can add that Henry is apparently pulling up to a stand now as this JUST happened.  Babies, man.

Mmmm. . . floor tiles

Just another pretty face

Baby reunion!

Always the comforting one

Scored a new hand me down hat!

Watching the game with Daddy.

Supporting his Hawks.

Silly monkey

I guess the Easter Bunny is real after all!

But this bunny is cuter.

You mean people used to use phones like this?

Mommy and Henry on Easter

Daddy got a smile.  Or was he smiling at the photographer?

Easter card from Gramma and Grandpa


Check out my new wheels!

Typical action at our 8 month shoot

Wow, Mom, it is sunny in Colorado!

Yep, 8 months.  No big deal.