Sunday, January 8, 2012

5 Months!

Wow, look at me - posting two weeks in a ROW!  Today Henry turned 5 months old so we did our usual little photo shoot and I wanted to share the cuteness.  We had to use our point and shoot camera, as we have somehow lost our battery charger for the good one, and there are a few pics from his birth still on there, as well as Christmas, so here you go!

Henry also rolled over tummy to back today for the first time since he did it at daycare in Beaver Creek before Christmas.  He has probably done it since then at daycare, but this is the second time we've witnessed it.  We've been enjoying another low-key weekend, spending yesterday in Boulder, and watching some football. 

Giddy in his sweater from Gramma!

Such a big boy!


Not so much sitting anymore!

Mommy's lap

5 months ago!

Later that evening - look at those open eyes

Such a sweet little new person

Christmas morning with Grandpa

Little elf

Bathtime at Gramma's house
Hanging out in Boulder

3:00 am eyes

Silly boy in his jumper

Monday, January 2, 2012

21 Weeks

Henry is now 21 weeks old, and in 6 days will be five months.  He is developing so quickly these days.  He is genuinely giggling, smiling pretty much all the time, sitting up with help, wanting to stand a lot, and exploring new consonant sounds with his cooing and talking.  Lately it's been the gurgling "k/g" sound a lot.  He is still not sleeping through the night, but we are getting close to introducing rice cereal with his exclusive breastmilk diet, so hopefully things will start improving on that front when we do.  I am not complaining though - he still only gets up once and takes care of business and goes right back to sleep.  He's still the world's best baby, and we enjoy him more and more every day.

It's been quite a busy and fun holiday season for our family.  We have been skiing twice - one weekend Henry and I joined Chad and a couple of his friends at Breckenridge, and another we took our family Christmas trip to Beaver Creek.  It was the first time in the mountains in December for me, and it was really nice seeing all the Christmas lights and decorations. 

Henry took his first plane ride to Michigan for Christmas, where he met his Aunt Hannah finally!  He was a great traveler overall, including the 2 hour car ride to and from the Detroit airport.  He did have a little meltdown on the flight home, but the plane was extremely hot and he had just had enough.  We were all glad to be home, needless to say.

We just had a nice long weekend at home, which we haven't had since early December.  It was awesome being with family last weekend, but it was also great having Henry all to ourselves for a few days.

Hanging at the bar before dinner in Breck

Baby class reunion plus one from another class

Smiles for Daddy when Mommy worked late one night

FEET!  I found them!

Seriously, Mother.

Stopping for coffee in Vail


Mr. Mom

Reading a Christmas card

Snuggling with the Very Hungry Caterpillar

Tummy time is happy time

Whoa - flash!

Morning snuggles

Dreaming of dancing sugarplums

Hanging with Aunt Hannah on Christmas Eve. . .

. . .and Christmas day

Christmas night snooze

I don't know why everyone says he looks like his Dad

Apparently I'm a mom now because I think this is the cutest ornament ever (from day care)

Happy to be home again

He's holding his bottle pretty well these days

Took him out for his 21st (week) birthday

Sweet boy