Sunday, March 3, 2013

18 Months and Catch Up!

We are actually closing in on 19 months but I will just pretend time isn't moving as fast as it appears to be these days.  We have had a lot of routine change and growth in the past few months, as Aunt Hannah was here for seven weeks, playing nanny to Henry and spending some time with all of us.  I wondered how it might change anything for Henry, but he has only thrived and been a champion transitioner.  He has picked up quite a few new words, expressions, and skills, and I'm certain he'll go back to school tomorrow and impress all his teachers.  (Chad and Hannah took him to visit his school on Friday afternoon to ease the transition a bit, and they all remarked about how tall he's gotten!)

Speaking of growth, we finally did a little sleep-training just prior to Hannah's arrival and it worked wonders.  He had been waking up and joining us in bed around 1am, and demanding milk every hour or so and something had to give, so I did Supernanny's technique and it worked like a charm on him.  We are now getting into a bit of 18 month sleep regression, which his doctor warned us about, but he's still going down just fine at night and sleeping until at least 4 on the regular, so we'll take it. 

We also had a much-needed visit from Gramma, Aunt Molly, and Cousin Annie in February.  We didn't do much of anything but sit around and enjoy being in the same room for the first time since 2010. 

What Henry's up to these days:  RUNNING, stringing 3-4 syllables together when he's in a talky mood, playing with his kitchen (today Daddy taught him how to shake salt and pepper and he loves pouring coffee for everyone), trains, trucks, balls, talking to and covering his stuffed animals with blankets, climbing, slides, bubbles, coloring/drawing, reading reading and more reading, animals and animal sounds, newspapers and magazines, chasing and hugging and draping items on our pets, and mimicking most things we do (including Mommy biting her fingernails this morning - oops.)

Oh, and at his 18 month check up he measured at the 49.8th percentile in weight (woo!) and around 30th for height.  He also displayed typical 18 month behavior by acting quite offended by the doctor trying to get anywhere near his body, but he handled his shots just fine and we all made it out alive.

I have heard people say it just keeps getting better with kids, but man, it's true with this one.  I don't know if I had any preconception of what my favorite age would be, but so far on this ride it's consistently been his current age that I love the most.  I really love now seeing glimpses of the boy he is becoming, and watching his little personality develop.  He has such a great sense of humor, is so laid back in general, and he's so smart.  He's still going through typical toddler phases, such as fear of loud noises and stranger danger, but overall he's completely adaptable and loving life.  And so are we.

Our Christmas card shot

Christmas morning wonder

Yay books!

Watching Daddy shovel the snow

Happy 24th birthday, Aunt Hannah!

Little Miss Annie

Specialty: Dimples and general cuteness


It's so haaaard, to say goodbyyyyeee, to yesterdayyeeeee

Love you, Aunt Hannah!

Baby's first tummy virus :-(

Workin' puzzles over the holidays

Hi! I am sudsy and cute!

Henry's annual Christmas ornament from school

Stud on sticks

He LOVED sitting on Santa's lap!

Baby group ugly sweater party

Helping Mommy get Aunt Hannah's room ready for her arrival

Box of cute (and mischief)

These two are going to be trouble someday

Making cookies

Dining out in Boulder (Aunt Hannah not pictured)

New funny face

Flashback - tiny guy!!