Tuesday, May 8, 2012

9 Months

Henry is 9 months old today!  His check up is tomorrow morning, so don't have any official measurements tonight.  But we did squeeze in a quick photo shoot after work, even though he is one tired boy, only having one nap today at school.  He is a good sport! 

We are very excited for Nana and Papa to visit this weekend!  The weather is supposed to be pretty gross, so we are thinking about hitting a museum and/or the aquarium.  I think Henry would really enjoy that kind of an outing now. He is an extremely active, curious boy.  And he's pretty silly lately, too. :-)

He still only has the two bottom middle teeth, but it would appear that he is working on some more this week.  We shall see!  He is pulling to a stand, crawling, and climbing up and over anything he can.  We have yet to find a food he doesn't like.  He prefers finger foods to purees but will humor me with the spoon practice.  Pretty much a rock star all around!

Don't you think I'm getting too big for the sign-on-the-blanket thing, Mom?

Upon closer inspection, this is nice work, lady.

Oh, hi!
Ha ha ha - Daddy thinks I'm going to be a Cubs fan.  Sucker!
Baby party!  Now, which one do you suppose is the Montessori child?

That's more like it!