Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer Fun and Birthday Party!

Today we had the joint birthday party for all the babies from the birth class last year, five in total.  We had it at a picnic area in Wash Park, and though it was in the upper 90's for the first half of the afternoon and we had to sit out some lightening, it was a success.  A few of the parents came to our house Saturday afternoon to bake cupcakes and do other preparations and that was fun, as well.  Chad and Henry took one of the other babies and his daddy to our pool while the girls hung out in the kitchen.  The theme of the party was The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and the masterpiece was the cake set up:
Very hungry - it's even vegan!

I should be a food photographer, right?

Did you know there is spray paint for cakes now?  There is.

Handsome birthday boy
Summer lad in the park

Our attempt at a caterpillar made of human babies

Posin' ain't easy (alt. It's not easy being green)

A good time was had by all, and while it was a lot of work, it was really fun doing it with a team of other moms and dads.  We are looking forward to Nana and Papa visiting close to his actual birthday in August, and doing a cake and Rockies game then, but it's nice not to have to plan and host an individual party.  Strength in numbers!

Last weekend we had no plans, so Saturday we decided to beat the heat and head to Vail for a hike.  Unfortunately we were thunderstormed-out most of the day, but we had fun hanging out in the village and the gondola did eventually open up again so Henry had his first ride up the mountain.  He thought it was pretty cool.
I'm on a gondola!

Up, up and away

Hiking during naptime

True Colorado native missing out on the scenery

Sweet face (and booger) waiting out the storm

What rain?  It's a few drops!

Making the most of the rain (at a bar at the top)
Last Sunday we decided it was time for another hair cut.  He had a trim at the barber shop over Memorial weekend in KC but he needed a little more this time.  So we headed to Jack and Jill in Boulder and they did a great job.
Do you want a ride my Mercedes boy (ri-yide)?
This is exciting!

Being on his best behavior for the nice stylist lady

Finished product on the deck that evening (sniff sniff, my little boy, etc.)
Henry is still mastering bipedal movement like a champ, and even started pulling up to a stand from a sit unassisted last week.  He will still speed-crawl if he really needs to get somewhere fast (like trouble) but is definitely improving his walking daily.  It's pretty fun.  No real words yet but still speaking quite emphatically at times, so we're looking forward to hearing what he has to say.  Can't believe the little man is almost 1!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

11 Months!

Henry is 11 months old today!  We can sum up his 11th month of life in one word: ACTIVE.  This kid doesn't stop and is pretty much all boy.  We can also say he's officially walking as of today.  He's been working on standing and taking a few steps for about a week, but today he's been taking off on his own all morning, seeming to finally choose it over crawling, and is going back and forth between us in 8-10 steps at a time. 

This has been a pretty amazing week in his development overall.  He started clapping on Monday, and stacking cups like a boss (including crossing midline!) this weekend.  That taken together with the walking and never-ending curiosity means exhausted parents, too!  We can tell his brain is on overdrive especially around 4 am when he wakes up and just wants to be awake.  Probably hard to turn that thing off when so much is happening.

We had a wonderful trip to Michigan last weekend, including a wedding and time at the cabin.  Henry did really well on both plane rides, even the first one we almost missed, which resulted in Henry sitting on my lap in a middle bulkhead seat with Daddy a few rows back.  The flight attendants even remarked at how well-behaved he was.  He was also an exemplary wedding guest, sleeping through the ceremony until woken up by applause for the newly announced married couple, when he started waving as if the applause was for him.  He rode on the boat at the cabin (again, sleeping through most of the experience) and spent a lot of time in the pool.  It was a very relaxing vacation, and we had some great quality time with Great Grandma, Gramma, Grandpa, and Aunt Molly. 

Henry has 7 teeth now, all four on the bottom and three on top.  It seems like he is always teething at this point, but some days are better than others.  He is doing a lot of babbling, and mixing consonant sounds pretty regularly.  He seems to have different words for the cats and dog, and sometimes he seems to say "up" when he wants up.  He enjoyed playing the piano at Gramma's house, and dances to music.  He is one of the smiliest babies in the world, and loves to be tickled and play games.  He eats pretty much everything and would love if it the animals would let him into their worlds.  Oh, and opening and closing doors can provide hours of entertainment.  Now the countdown to one year begins!

Getting to know Gracie

Flirting with Great Grandma

I like this lady!

Composing (with his cousin in the frame!)

He clearly enjoys a good wedding.

Being cute knowing his birthday is coming up.

Gramma and Grandpa

This reception table makes a good chew toy

I was just kidding, Mom! (not really)

Costume change!

Posing old-west style with flat Aunt Hannah

Snuggles for Aunt Molly
Putting up with Mom.

Adjusting to Eastern time at the cabin

Pretty lake

If you're happy and you know it. . .

I think he knows it.

Practically Mommy's clone

11 months!

That's all, folks!

10 Months!

[Brisk clap] So!  It's been awhile.  I have a lot to catch up on since my last post was at 9 months.  Henry turns 11 months today, so I'm going to split this into two posts.  Here we go!

Right after Henry turned 9 months, we were surprised to find out at his routine check up that he had double ear infections.  This made a lot of sense in retrospect, but the dude didn't give us a clue he was having any trouble other than a runny nose and what we thought was distracted bottle drinking.  One round of antibiotics later and he was a new man - sleeping better, eating like a champ, etc.  He also put on some of the weight he'd been lacking (he was only in the 7th percentile at 9 months, as he wasn't eating much.)  At least now we know he's not much of a complainer in the illness department and what to watch out for.

Nana and Papa came out to Denver to visit for Chad's birthday/Mothers Day weekend in mid-May.  We had a lot of fun getting quality time with Henry, including a trip to the Denver Aquarium for Daddy's birthday and a great dinner in Boulder Sunday evening.  We will see them again when they come out for Henry's first birthday in August!

We also took a road trip to Kansas City for Memorial Day weekend.  As per usual, Henry came down with a health issue - this time hand, foot, and mouth disease.  But again, he didn't let it get him down, and didn't even run a fever.  So we still had a great time visiting with friends and family, and he earned a week out of day care in quarantine when we returned.  At least that one is out of his system already! 

And now for the pics!

In line for the Aquarium - woo hoo! (It was chilly)

HRB and Mommy with the fishes

Pretty starfish

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Looking for Nemo

The group pondering the sting ray. . .pond
HRB, Daddy and Nana

Story time with Nana!

Out on the deck in my new tiny bag chair!


Hanging around the house.


Saturday picnic on Flagstaff Mountain

Enjoying nature

Enjoying a bottle in nature

Not enjoying the sunglasses as much


With Aunt Leah in KC

Deck time in my jim-jams!

You caught me looking out the window again, Mommy.

"Mowing the lawn" with his gift from Aunt Ann and Uncle Bill

A fitting end to the post