Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer Fun and Birthday Party!

Today we had the joint birthday party for all the babies from the birth class last year, five in total.  We had it at a picnic area in Wash Park, and though it was in the upper 90's for the first half of the afternoon and we had to sit out some lightening, it was a success.  A few of the parents came to our house Saturday afternoon to bake cupcakes and do other preparations and that was fun, as well.  Chad and Henry took one of the other babies and his daddy to our pool while the girls hung out in the kitchen.  The theme of the party was The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and the masterpiece was the cake set up:
Very hungry - it's even vegan!

I should be a food photographer, right?

Did you know there is spray paint for cakes now?  There is.

Handsome birthday boy
Summer lad in the park

Our attempt at a caterpillar made of human babies

Posin' ain't easy (alt. It's not easy being green)

A good time was had by all, and while it was a lot of work, it was really fun doing it with a team of other moms and dads.  We are looking forward to Nana and Papa visiting close to his actual birthday in August, and doing a cake and Rockies game then, but it's nice not to have to plan and host an individual party.  Strength in numbers!

Last weekend we had no plans, so Saturday we decided to beat the heat and head to Vail for a hike.  Unfortunately we were thunderstormed-out most of the day, but we had fun hanging out in the village and the gondola did eventually open up again so Henry had his first ride up the mountain.  He thought it was pretty cool.
I'm on a gondola!

Up, up and away

Hiking during naptime

True Colorado native missing out on the scenery

Sweet face (and booger) waiting out the storm

What rain?  It's a few drops!

Making the most of the rain (at a bar at the top)
Last Sunday we decided it was time for another hair cut.  He had a trim at the barber shop over Memorial weekend in KC but he needed a little more this time.  So we headed to Jack and Jill in Boulder and they did a great job.
Do you want a ride my Mercedes boy (ri-yide)?
This is exciting!

Being on his best behavior for the nice stylist lady

Finished product on the deck that evening (sniff sniff, my little boy, etc.)
Henry is still mastering bipedal movement like a champ, and even started pulling up to a stand from a sit unassisted last week.  He will still speed-crawl if he really needs to get somewhere fast (like trouble) but is definitely improving his walking daily.  It's pretty fun.  No real words yet but still speaking quite emphatically at times, so we're looking forward to hearing what he has to say.  Can't believe the little man is almost 1!


  1. Such a sweet, funny, adorable post about a sweet, funny, adorable little guy by his sweet, funny, adorable mommy! The pictures and captions are priceless, Norah Lee! xxxxxoooooxxxxx

  2. Sigh - he is growing up so quickly and in such good hands!