Tuesday, July 26, 2011

36 Weeks

Not much new to report this week, which is good!  I had my 36 week check up yesterday, and he's still measuring as he should be and in the position he should be.  Let's hope he stays put like that until he's ready to make a move outward.  I start going to the doctor weekly now, and my due date is three weeks from Sunday.  Woo hoo!  I'm getting a lot of roly-poly movement at the top of my belly these days, and he occasionally has some hiccups, but for the most part he's an easy, low-maintenance tenant.

We had maternity pictures taken by a friend of mine from college last Thursday evening and we really lucked out on the weather.  We didn't do much this weekend, which was nice.  Chad ended up on an all day conference call for work Saturday, so I relaxed, read a lot, and hit the gym.  Sunday we hung up the baby's initials and shelves we stained in the nursery.  So that room is pretty much ready for its occupant.  My hospital bag is packed and all the major purchases are done. 

Last night we met another college friend of mine and her family for an early dinner, and we're planning on dinner with a high school friend and his family on Sunday.  Trying to see people while we can! 

I'm still really feeling great overall.  I'm sleeping well and getting around normally.  I never would have imagined 8 months would be like this, but I'll take it. 

Here's a picture from last Wednesday at work:

And here is a picture from tonight:

Lacy's back!
And for good measure, here is a picture of the felines who were getting some quality time while I read in bed on Saturday morning:

What is this "baby" thing you keep mentioning?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

35 Weeks

This week we hit both the 8 month and 35 week marks.  We are definitely getting close!  Not too much new to report this week.  We had our last prepared childbirth class on Wednesday, and one of the other three couples had their baby girl that morning. So it's feeling pretty real now! 

It's been hot here this weekend, so we've been hanging close to home, cleaning, playing games, and finishing up the baby room.  We actually bought some diapers and wipes today, and we washed all the baby clothes.  We also saw another movie, Super 8, which was great, and the baby moved most of the way through, so I think he liked it.

Today we drove up to the Nederland area to beat the heat and check it out.  It was 95 when we left Denver and 72 when we got up there. We had lunch at a cute little place:
On the way home we stopped for a couple of scenic belly shots:

I'm still feeling pretty good!  I'm starting to experience more little aches and pains at night, but in general things are still under control.  The baby is moving at pretty regular intervals, and lately anytime Chad tries to feel him he stops. It's pretty funny - we like to think he has a calming effect on him. :-) 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

34 Weeks

This will be a fairly photo-heavy post!  We have almost finished the baby room.  We are still waiting on the stain to dry on the rocking chair, and we picked up a couple of extra projects at Michael's today - a footstool for the rocker and some wooden initials (still top secret outside of family) which we stained this afternoon.  When those are all dry and put in the room it will be ready!  Oh, and I accidentally put the mattress pad in the dryer this afternoon, so we need to get a replacement for that.  But we've come a long way!
Cozy corner
With curtains tied.
The refinished washstand!  My uncle used to put his weed in there. 
The masterpieces on the wall are courtesy of Aunt Molly.

The Little Fur Family wallhanging that pulls the whole thing together - thanks again, Grandma!!
 We've been working a lot on this over the weekend.  We also picked up some clothing including coming home outfits in two sizes, and more stuff for the hospital bag. 

It was a pretty busy week for a short one.  Chad worked really hard and we had both our normal class on Wednesday night and a bathing/bundling class Thursday evening.  The latter was an adventure to get to -- we had some flash flooding right at rush hour.  I was glad we were just going for a class and not for the big reason!
It's typical this time of year to get late afternoon monsoon-like rains here.  But they aren't without their benefits:

I'm amazingly still feeling pretty great, despite looking like a parade float most of the time. I am really missing running and being able to sleep on my back, but overall I really can't complain for 8 months.  I think we are both about ready to be done with pregnancy and to meet him already. 
The animals are starting to sense change on the horizon.  I think they'll welcome him with open arms, but for now they are squeezing in as many snuggles as possible.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

32 and 33 Weeks

We had family in town last weekend and we had so much fun I didn't get a post up.  Molly and Doug came in on Thursday night, and my parents arrived Friday evening.  And as a surprise to them, Bill and Ann showed up later on that evening!  We celebrated my mom's SIXTIETH birthday with lots of hiking, card playing, eating, and enjoying scenery.  Here is a belly pic from that week at work:
Sunday we drove up to Vail amid gorgeous weather, and even timed it so we could all talk to Hannah:
It was a great time and we're very happy we could entertain those visitors before things start changing around here!

This weekend brings us to 33 weeks and another three day weekend -- woo!  The Royals were in town this weekend, so we went to Coors Field last night to see them get romped again.  It was a beautiful evening but we didn't stick it out for the fireworks afterward - I get pretty tired when it gets dark and we knew traffic would be terrible.  We had really fun seats, though, complete with a footrest which I totally appreciated:
Today we took a nice long walk this morning, which Lacy appreciated, and Chad emptied the guest bedroom and put up the crib. Here he is putting his tennis shoes on, which means serious work is about to take place: 
Mid set-up:
Where Lacy was while this was happening (under our bed):

And here is the finished product, with bonus belly shot.  Thanks so much to LaDonna and Rick for the gift of the crib! 
That quilt won't be permanently draped on the crib, but I wanted to showcase it for now. It will be getting a lot of use very soon!  We just need to decide on a mattress now, and more goodies from my grandma will be arriving later this week, including the wall hanging to go above.  We will also be putting up some super cute pictures Molly drew and colored from The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and some valances.  Still a lot to do, but we are making progress.  Chad is planning to finish sanding down the rocker and staining that and the washstand tomorrow. 
I'm still feeling great considering we are seven and a half months along.  We are getting pretty excited for the end result of all this preparation and anticipation.  Right now I'm getting excited for the ribs Chad is working on for dinner and the no-bake Oreo dessert afterwards.  :-)

Change isn't easy for everyone