Sunday, July 17, 2011

35 Weeks

This week we hit both the 8 month and 35 week marks.  We are definitely getting close!  Not too much new to report this week.  We had our last prepared childbirth class on Wednesday, and one of the other three couples had their baby girl that morning. So it's feeling pretty real now! 

It's been hot here this weekend, so we've been hanging close to home, cleaning, playing games, and finishing up the baby room.  We actually bought some diapers and wipes today, and we washed all the baby clothes.  We also saw another movie, Super 8, which was great, and the baby moved most of the way through, so I think he liked it.

Today we drove up to the Nederland area to beat the heat and check it out.  It was 95 when we left Denver and 72 when we got up there. We had lunch at a cute little place:
On the way home we stopped for a couple of scenic belly shots:

I'm still feeling pretty good!  I'm starting to experience more little aches and pains at night, but in general things are still under control.  The baby is moving at pretty regular intervals, and lately anytime Chad tries to feel him he stops. It's pretty funny - we like to think he has a calming effect on him. :-) 


  1. I love your scenic belly shots, dear granddaughter! You look wonderful - and, as the monkey said when he caught his tail in the lawnmower, it won't be long now!! (Awful, awful, old, old joke!) Love you!

  2. Lovely momma and beautiful scenery! But where is Lacy???