Sunday, July 3, 2011

32 and 33 Weeks

We had family in town last weekend and we had so much fun I didn't get a post up.  Molly and Doug came in on Thursday night, and my parents arrived Friday evening.  And as a surprise to them, Bill and Ann showed up later on that evening!  We celebrated my mom's SIXTIETH birthday with lots of hiking, card playing, eating, and enjoying scenery.  Here is a belly pic from that week at work:
Sunday we drove up to Vail amid gorgeous weather, and even timed it so we could all talk to Hannah:
It was a great time and we're very happy we could entertain those visitors before things start changing around here!

This weekend brings us to 33 weeks and another three day weekend -- woo!  The Royals were in town this weekend, so we went to Coors Field last night to see them get romped again.  It was a beautiful evening but we didn't stick it out for the fireworks afterward - I get pretty tired when it gets dark and we knew traffic would be terrible.  We had really fun seats, though, complete with a footrest which I totally appreciated:
Today we took a nice long walk this morning, which Lacy appreciated, and Chad emptied the guest bedroom and put up the crib. Here he is putting his tennis shoes on, which means serious work is about to take place: 
Mid set-up:
Where Lacy was while this was happening (under our bed):

And here is the finished product, with bonus belly shot.  Thanks so much to LaDonna and Rick for the gift of the crib! 
That quilt won't be permanently draped on the crib, but I wanted to showcase it for now. It will be getting a lot of use very soon!  We just need to decide on a mattress now, and more goodies from my grandma will be arriving later this week, including the wall hanging to go above.  We will also be putting up some super cute pictures Molly drew and colored from The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and some valances.  Still a lot to do, but we are making progress.  Chad is planning to finish sanding down the rocker and staining that and the washstand tomorrow. 
I'm still feeling great considering we are seven and a half months along.  We are getting pretty excited for the end result of all this preparation and anticipation.  Right now I'm getting excited for the ribs Chad is working on for dinner and the no-bake Oreo dessert afterwards.  :-)

Change isn't easy for everyone

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  1. What a sweet crib for the little one! Some little doggie doesn't quite know what to think about all the activities and the change in Mommy. You are definitely looking pregnant, dear granddaughter, and looking good. As of a few minutes ago, grandma and grandpa and great grandma have tickets to come meet the newest member of the family! xxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxx Grandma