Sunday, June 19, 2011

31 Weeks

31 weeks and all is well.  Except my back.  It is not always well.  But it could be much worse, and I realize that, so I'm counting my blessings.

We've had some interesting weather this week.  Storms are in the area again tonight, and we saw some clouds today that resembled some I saw earlier in the week leaving downtown: 
We started our childbirth classes this week as well.  There are only 3 other couples in our class, so we get to miss next week and only have to go a total of 4 times.  So far so good -- we had an intro to pain management this week. Chad will also be taking a boot camp for new dads class and we'll both be taking infant CPR in July.

We've had a nice weekend.  Yesterday Chad made more progress on sanding the rocking chair, and we ordered the crib. The one we really wanted and have been trying to order is apparently "frozen" so we decided to just go with a different model rather than wait it out any longer.  It should come in by the weekend of the fourth, when we'll be transforming the guest room into the baby's room.  We also had dinner with my high school friend and her husband and daughter again last night.  It's so great to be reconnected with so many old friends.

Today we hiked at the Chatauqua in Boulder, which we plan to do again when the family is in town next weekend.  It was great -- up close and personal views of the flatirons and lots of pine trees to wind through going up the mountain.  If you are wondeirng what a Chatauqua is, I took a helpful picture for you:

Despite the hike, and a long neighborhood hike yesterday, Lacy was a bit of a spaz for picture time tonight: 

And then she calmed down:

And then she REALLY calmed down:

I'm still feeling pretty good overall, for being 7 months along.  He's still moving regularly and seems pretty happy. However, I think he's about to do some serious growing because my appetite has increased. For instance, today I was thinking a milkshake sounded pretty good after the hike, so we went to Red Robin for lunch, where I downed a "monster" chocolate milkshake, WITH the metal cup refill, in about 5 minutes.  And then I ate a chicken sandwich and salad.  And that was only about four hours ago and I'm pretty excited about steak dinner already. :-)

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  1. You are sooooooo pregnant!! And sooooooooooo beautiful!!!! xxxxxxoooooooooxxxxxxx