Sunday, December 9, 2012

16 Months - And a new cousin!

Henry turned 16 whole months old yesterday - wow, we are really closing in on a year and a half already!  As usual, we only have brags to report - no complaints here.  (Well, he IS still joining us to co-sleep in the middle of the night, but our doctor said not to worry, we aren't ruining him, and that some kids just need extra snuggles.  And I think that's what's happening here, and as we both work full time, we'll take them when we can get them.) He is currently cutting 4 molars, one on each quadrant, but aside from lots of drool, runny noses, and occasional pains, he is handling them like a champ. 

He now has about 15 or so words, if you count "op-ah" which he uses for: open, apple, up above the world so high, and all done.  When he needs anything "mama" usually comes out of his mouth regardless of what he needs or to whom he's talking.  Oh!  And he says "thank you" now!  This started about a week ago, and now he is really into thanking himself for completing tasks.  But he did genuinely thank me for handing him something the other evening, too, so I think he's got the main idea down.

Last weekend Henry and I flew to Portland to meet little miss Annie, his new cousin!  We lucked into having the whole back row to ourselves on both flights, which was a trip-saver.  I packed up the backpack with new books, stickers, and little toys, but of course he was mainly interested in the seat belt and stacking his snack cups into towers.  Anyway, we had a great time and Annie is just the sweetest little girl with amazing expressions and sleeping abilities.  Doug and Molly are of course over the moon about their daughter, and it was really fun seeing Henry react to her, mostly in the form of pointing and saying "deese".  We also discovered that Grampa is evidently right in labeling him a "man's man," as he really took to Doug, Jeff, and Craig.  He also enjoyed playing with the Stroud boys when we went over for dinner with them Sunday night.

On with the photos!

Little angel

Wise guy

How one is likely to find Mommy Molly most days.

All cleaned up for our work Christmas parties downtown!

Naked baby loves KU

Buddies watching for Daddy

Journey to get the Christmas trees!

Our beauty.

Saddest school picture ever.

Big boy on the plane!

Aunthood is pretty cool!

I even got a smile.


This pic is a keeper.

Hello world!

Sunday morning reading by the tree.