Sunday, November 13, 2011

3 Months!

Hello!  We are now three whole months old!  That is one quarter of one YEAR!  Thankfully, I can honestly say that time hasn't really flown by, but it still seems incredible that Henry is a three month old baby.  I think I had a weird mindset that newborn babies are helpless and non-interactive for quite awhile, but it has been a very pleasant surprise to see so much development happening already.  We have a lot to look forward to, as well!

At three months, Henry is smiling a LOT, especially at his parents.  His day care teachers informed me he wouldn't smile for the photographers at school pictures, but I don't blame him for being somewhat skeptical of strangers.  You can't be too careful in this day and age!  Gramma came out for a much-needed visit the first weekend of November and got lots of snuggle time in.  We also purchased an activity mat for him and he's really enjoying the bright colors, and the mirror that came with that as well as the one that Gramma bought him. Can you really blame him for being so vain?  He has had a bit of the crud (picked up at day care) for about two weeks but he's been nothing but smiley and happy throughout.  He was kind enough to share said crud with Mommy, who now has a sinus infection, but is on the mend.  I will say it was very difficult losing my voice as I couldn't talk or sing to him for a couple of days.  Thankfully he still recognized me and I got lots of healing smiles.  Overally, he's just really becoming a super FUN baby boy.  It's fun to read to him and have him be interested, see him grab and hold toys, and watch him take in the world around him.  Seems like those early newborn pet rock days were eons ago already. 

Chad wants me to add that we have snow in the mountains.  We are really looking forward to our first road trip with Henry (and Lacy!) to Kansas City in a week and a half.  We are anticipating a lot of quality downtime with family there.

Morning stretches

Daddy is funny looking!

What?  I'm just over here watching the game.   NBD.

Any one need some tax advice?

Waiting patiently for Gramma at the airport.

Got some keys for my 3 month birthday!

Still really interested in those phalanges.

Sick days from work aren't quite as bad when you have this guy to watch.

Hugging his favorite veteran on 11/11/11.

Maxin' and relaxin'.

I love this new nasal aspirator!  It vibrates!  Seriously, I love it!

Boy, this Gramma lady talks a lot.  :-)

Ready for the game.

Mimicking Daddy.

Michigan is winning!!  I'm so happy.

Remember me?

Why yes, I am now three months old.  Thank you for asking.

Third down!  Shake your keys!

I also enjoy a good drool.

That's my buddy Sam kitty.

3 month birthday brownies.

Cute boy.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

12 Weeks

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here so I’ve been slacking on the blog posting.  I will now make it up with a slew of pictures from the past two weeks.  Since I last posted, we had visitors in town – Aunt Leah and Uncle Todd!  They got to spend some quality time with Henry, as well as many fine breweries and restaurants.  Last week I worked some late nights helping to get a brief filed, so this past weekend we spent a lot of downtime enjoying Henry.   We are excited about Gramma coming to visit this weekend! 

At twelve weeks, Henry is smiling a lot, pushing up on his tummy with his arms, cooing/talking, examining his hands, and in general just really engaging with us.  He was a cheeseburger for Halloween and was apparently a big hit at day care yesterday.  However, he spent the rest of the evening snoozing, so we didn’t get out to do any trick or treating.  Next year!

SO big!

Hanging with Aunt Leah

Newly grown lashes

Being corrupted by Uncle Todd

Can I help you?

Rock Chalk

Life:  One continuous brewery tour

His future's so bright. . .

Hello, hands!

October in Denver

Fashion victim



Waiting for the doc

New game day duds

Happy happy joy joy

Watching the game with Daddy

Follow the toy

Big boy!