Tuesday, November 1, 2011

12 Weeks

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here so I’ve been slacking on the blog posting.  I will now make it up with a slew of pictures from the past two weeks.  Since I last posted, we had visitors in town – Aunt Leah and Uncle Todd!  They got to spend some quality time with Henry, as well as many fine breweries and restaurants.  Last week I worked some late nights helping to get a brief filed, so this past weekend we spent a lot of downtime enjoying Henry.   We are excited about Gramma coming to visit this weekend! 

At twelve weeks, Henry is smiling a lot, pushing up on his tummy with his arms, cooing/talking, examining his hands, and in general just really engaging with us.  He was a cheeseburger for Halloween and was apparently a big hit at day care yesterday.  However, he spent the rest of the evening snoozing, so we didn’t get out to do any trick or treating.  Next year!

SO big!

Hanging with Aunt Leah

Newly grown lashes

Being corrupted by Uncle Todd

Can I help you?

Rock Chalk

Life:  One continuous brewery tour

His future's so bright. . .

Hello, hands!

October in Denver

Fashion victim



Waiting for the doc

New game day duds

Happy happy joy joy

Watching the game with Daddy

Follow the toy

Big boy!


  1. This gramma can't wait to see this wonder boy for herself!

  2. I love all the serious faces.