Sunday, January 8, 2012

5 Months!

Wow, look at me - posting two weeks in a ROW!  Today Henry turned 5 months old so we did our usual little photo shoot and I wanted to share the cuteness.  We had to use our point and shoot camera, as we have somehow lost our battery charger for the good one, and there are a few pics from his birth still on there, as well as Christmas, so here you go!

Henry also rolled over tummy to back today for the first time since he did it at daycare in Beaver Creek before Christmas.  He has probably done it since then at daycare, but this is the second time we've witnessed it.  We've been enjoying another low-key weekend, spending yesterday in Boulder, and watching some football. 

Giddy in his sweater from Gramma!

Such a big boy!


Not so much sitting anymore!

Mommy's lap

5 months ago!

Later that evening - look at those open eyes

Such a sweet little new person

Christmas morning with Grandpa

Little elf

Bathtime at Gramma's house
Hanging out in Boulder

3:00 am eyes

Silly boy in his jumper

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  1. I was wondering if Dad wore his Santa pants this year. 4 more days!