Monday, February 6, 2012

26 Weeks

Okay, it's been awhile and I have lots of pics to share as we finally caved and bought another battery charger for our camera.  Henry turns 6 months on Wednesday, so I plan to post again then (or shortly thereafter) with more details about him.  Until then, in short:  he has cut his two bottom middle teeth (which he was doing really well with until this past weekend and they are now giving him some pain,)  he is rolling over back to tummy in both directions, he is sitting unassisted when propped up for quite a few minutes at once, he has started scooting backwards when on his tummy if he's motivated enough, he just discovered his shriek, and he's still overall the world's sweetest, cutest, and well-behaved baby!  Here are the pics!

Little gentleman

The fam at lunch with Molly and Doug

He enjoys being topless

Lounging on the couch with Sophie in Vail

Little reindeer man

Eyelashes to die for

After a bath

Getting ready for an outing on game day

The Inaugural Baby Bar Crawl (with our birthing class)

The man in the mirror

Morning fun with Mr. Duck

Sitting like a boss

Adventures in rice cereal

Cheering in his slumber

Hanging with Gramps over Christmas


Bonding with Gramma

Upside down monkey

Four generations

Aunt Hannah is pretty relaxing

Sunday morning photo shoot

What's that?  You want some poses?

So glad your camera is charged again, Mommy!

This is my tongue.  I think it's pretty rad these days.

I'm so cute it hurts a little, doesn't it?


  1. THANK YOU!!!!! He is the luckiest little guy in the world. His mom amd dad are the best!

  2. Love the darling pictures, the darling baby and his mom and dad! xxxoooxxx Great Grandma