Sunday, February 19, 2012

6 months, 11 days

Well, we just had too much fun last weekend so I didn't get a post up.  But I have plenty of pictures this week!

Henry continues to change every day.  He is now on the verge of crawling and has completely mastered sitting up (when placed) on his own.  He is really into planking and scooting backwards when on his tummy, and frequently pulls one knee in, so it's only a matter of time before we have forward movement, I'm sure.  He is also really enjoying shrieking at full volume, but it's usually only in the evening for some reason.  He has been eating rice cereal once per day at school, and he is getting the hang of solids.  He tried and liked carrots last weekend and roasted butternut squash today.  Next weekend we'll try a green veggie. 

He had his 6 month doctor visit, complete with shots, and passed with flying colors.  He has dropped to the 21st percentile for weight, but had been teething and getting over some minor sniffles, so his appetite had been down.  He's been eating like it's his job this weekend, so I'm betting he's back up in the 30-40 range soon.  He's still around 50 for height, and is pretty proportional all around, which is what they want.  He scored in the high normal range for his development, except he was normal for fine motor.  We will start working on the pincer grasp next. 

Henry has recently really shown interest in our pets, and has grabbed a faceful of Sam's fur a couple of times.  He loves looking in the mirror, and toys that move and have blinking lights and sounds.  Oh, and remotes and iphones, which he's not yet allowed to have.  He spends a lot of time taking things in and concentrating, but we do get some giggles now and then, too.  He still follows a predictable schedule, usually falling asleep around 7:15, and getting up only to eat around 10-11, and again around 2-4am.  He is FANTASTIC at staying on task and going right back to sleep, which is much appreciated.  Overall he's still a wonderful baby and we can't imagine life without the joy he brings us.

Lunch in Boulder

Half Birthday!


Seriously, yee haw.

That cat is photobombing me again, isn't he?

Love my caterpillar!

Hey, this is my friend Winston!  He is 1.5 months younger and way bigger than me!

Dude, be cool.


We'll talk later, when the 'rents aren't around.

So, carrots.  Not so bad.

Here's my tongue.

Hey, Valentine's mail from Great Grandma!

Heh.  Hi, Mom.

Yeah, this is good times, hanging on the train quilt.

Are you telling me I'm sitting up all by myself?

I love this card!  Thanks, Great Grandma!

Don't bother me.  I'm. . .I'm thinking.

Yep, that's my name.  But you can call me cute.

Hey, Mommy!

You are silly.

Don't be too jealous of these lashes.

Demonstrating the baby plank.  Yogi in training.

Sideways giggles.


  1. Seriously the CUTEST baby ever!!

  2. What a great start to the day seeing all the adorable pictures of my adorable great grandson. Gramma is right - he's seriously the cutest baby ever! Great post, Norah Lee!