Sunday, December 4, 2011

4 Monthsish

So!  Henry is turning 4 months old this week.  Time is sure flying!  We had a great trip to Kansas City for Thanksgiving, and got to see lots of family and friends.  The only exception to the good times was a Friday evening visit to the ER for what turned out to be a scratched cornea.  Henry is definitely not much of a crier, so we knew that something was up when he became upset and couldn't be consoled.  Luckily it was in the evening, so after a little Tylenol he was ready to sleep and let it heal.  Scary for us, but he was a total trooper.  He also did really well in the car both ways. 

Henry is changing so much!  As of this weekend, he is sitting in his Bumbo seat, holding his head up very consistently on his tummy, grabbing his toes during diaper changes, talking a lot (lots of general cooing along with some ma and ga sounds), and starting to pull his feet under him when on his belly.  He is SUCH a happy baby and such an extreme joy to have around.  He is still not sleeping completely through the night, but he's very consistently getting up only one time around 3:30 am.  I will take it.  He still does really well at day care and one of his teachers actually babysat for him last night while we went to my firm holiday party.  I think she was a little disappointed that he slept most of the time she was here, but she gets to enjoy him during the week when we don't, so I don't feel too badly. 

School Pics

Traveling back to Colorado

Sock hands after the eye incident

Smiling between meltdowns in the ER

Hanging out at Bill and Ann's

Cross country craziness

Hello, I am cute

Getting used to the Bumbo

Winter strolling

What are you looking at, Mom?

Snuggle bug

Enjoying the activity mat

Big boy in the big bed

Swaddled smiles

Getting closer to holding the bottle

Thanksgiving meal

Snoozing like Great Grandpa Bornsheuer

Watching a little Muppets Take Manhattan

Holding steady

Halfway to rolling over

Out to get a Christmas tree

Watching some KU basketball



  1. Such cute pictures of that little sweetheart. Will be so glad to see him again and it won't be long now. Love his "school pictures"!
    xxxoooxxx Great grandma

  2. I mean, I cannot wait to see him.