Saturday, July 13, 2013

Coming up on 2!

Hello!  Long time, no update.  Believe me, this is purely for lack of time, not lack of material.  Henry is truly growing and thriving and keeping us busy, busy, busy!  I can't properly recollect each small milestone he's achieved since the last post, so I'll let you know what life is like with HRB these days.

At 23 months, like Forrest Gump, wherever he goes he is RUNNING.  He will walk when holding hands with a parent, but given any open space the speed is turned on.  As active as he is, he is also perfectly content to lie on his belly with some crayons and a coloring book for awhile, or "vroom vroom" his FP Little People cars across the rug, or "woo woo" his trains around the tracks.  He also really enjoys working in his kitchen and LOVES reading his books.  Today I caught him paging through his Little Michigan book (a favorite as we prepare to visit in just 2 weeks!) and he is basically reading it to himself by now.  Apples, tweet-tweets, yishies (fishies), and deer that go "neigh" are all immediately identified now.

Henry is a talking machine, and while we aren't quite hearing real sentences just yet, he is eager to learn words and will gladly repeat what we ask him to say.  Last weekend he pointed to a picture of our wedding kiss, and said "Mommy Dada bye-bye" and then made an air kiss (with his little fish face.)  I'm pretty sure he was telling us we were kissing goodbye.  He also speaks a lot of toddler gibberish still, which sometimes can be quite animated and interesting.  I love when I "answer" back to him and he nods and chuckles a little, like I got the joke.  Lately he's been saying "all RIGHT!" when he's happy about something.  We try to get him to do a thumbs up when he says it but he's still working on that. 

This kid would live outside 100% of the time if we'd let him.  He is always asking to go "my yide" and pointing to the back door.  He loves to help water my potted plants and find sticks and rocks around the yard.  He also absolutely adores water in all forms.  When we water the plants, he likes to put his hand in the hose stream as we fill up the watering can.  He will never turn down an invitation to go to the pool and leaving the pool is always traumatic, no matter how pruny he is.  He has splash day at school every Friday and his teachers report he enjoys it the most out of his classmates.  We met some friends at a splash pad a couple of weekends ago and he was in heaven.  We are really looking forward to seeing his reaction to riding on the boat and playing in the pool at the cabin soon.

Henry is still obsessed with the "bow-wow" or "Yacy", "Cucker", and the other cat.  For some reason, Sam isn't a name he wants to learn.  Neither is Henry, for that matter.  He and Lacy chase each other around the house (he does 99% of the chasing) and he giggles the whole time.  Lacy doesn't giggle, but she still gets plenty of scraps from his leftovers and he does a great job replenishing her dog food, so I think we are getting along just fine.

Now for the photographic evidence!
Discussing the sea lion show with Mommy at the zoo

Smiling at the giraffes
Riding the zoo train super enthusiastically

The Sextons came to visit and guess who was Henry's favorite?

Parker, Abby, Avery, Mommy, and Henry

Montessori children hanging out

Waiting for his first fireworks show

The waiting is the hardest part

Insisting on toplessness at the neighborhood 4th of July party
Waiting to go on a ride at Elitch Gardens for Daddy's work picnic
Riding the woo-woo
Extreme close-up on the Ferris wheel by Dada

First ice cream cone
Stoically riding the carousel (he IS my son!)
Learning to drum with Nana in Vail in April

A Friday dinner at Old Chicago during a spring blizzard

Toddler drama is the most dramatic

Ready for take-your-kid-to-work day

Walking with Dada in Vail

Celebrating early spring on the deck

Helping clean up the yard for spring
Walking the plank at a playground in Vail in June

Exploring the Boulder Creek Festival

My typical view on a hike

Discovering the Muppet Movie (!)

Brunch after the zoo

Loving on Lacy (and Mommy's old Donald Duck hat)

It was a harsh but necessary haircut

Splash pad fun

Goofing around in the morning

Oh yeah, there's also this (10 weeks)

12 weeks - guess HRB won't be the only subject of this blog for long :-)

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  1. Gramma and Great GrandmaJuly 13, 2013 at 3:34 PM

    Love the big reveal!!! And the pictures of Henry and your commentary are perfect!