Sunday, September 9, 2012

13 Months

Henry is now 13 months old!  Wow, that was a fast month.  And, as is often said, it just gets better and better all the time.  He is pretty much the most fun thing around these days.  He is extremely mobile and active, and there is a lot of chasing involved, but he is just such a happy, easy-going little person, we have no complaints.

Lately one of our favorite things is letting him run loose in places like Target and Home Depot.  He enjoys trucking through the store at full speed and taking in all the cool sights.  Today we had fun at Target by pretend chasing each other through the aisles and he filled the store with loud giggling.  Friday night went to dinner on a patio in Louisville, and he was flirting with people at 4 separate tables simultaneously.  I think he knows he's cute.

He also knows how to test us.  We are really getting to know his dramatic whining/crying from his real cry.  He responds fairly well to "no", unless it is something he really wants to do, such as put his hands in the dog water, try to crawl out the dog door, or drop food for the dog.  He had his first skinned knee on Friday evening in the driveway, but didn't cry.  He loves music and lately he's into trying to put items of clothing on his head, even socks. 

We are unspeakably happy that it is finally fall in this household.  We may visit the pumpkin patch more than once as soon as it opens.  In addition to our normal fall decor, I am considering adding fake cobwebs and such to our front windows.  I am a mom now, after all!

Learning about flowers

Learning blooms can come off the flowers

Practicing on steps

So, I guess boys ARE dirty!

Exploring the yard

Dancing on the deck

Really making the most of the air show

Refueling (ba-dum-bah) at a new air show location

Hey, there are planes up there!

Picnic in RMNP


On top of the world

Lookin' down on creation

Blanket over the head!


Practicing the fight song - working on the "Hails" next week

Chasing after the camera


  1. Such a cutie pie!! His mom and dad totally rock!

  2. I love that you are going to put cobwebs in the window cause you are, after all, a mom! The three of you have such fun little adventures - Henry will remember always and you two will also! xxxxxoooooxxxxx Great Grandma