Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pumpkin Patch (Part One of ?)

Today we went to the Rock Creek Farms pumpkin patch extravaganza.  This place is great - right down the street from our house and it's huge.  It has a giant patch where you can venture out and cut your own pumpkins off the vine, as well as a large (and intimidating) corn maze.  It also has a really nice area with activities just for kids, including jumpy castle deals, a hay bale maze, and animals (to look at, but not to pet.)  Henry saw goats, turkeys, ducks, little pigs, cows, and sheep.  All the things he's been reading about in his farm animal books!

He had a lot of fun this morning, especially running around the hay bale maze and checking out a cute little girl in pink.  We did get a couple of giant pumpkins that will eventually become jack-o-lanterns. 

Blue Steel 2012

We must find the best one!

OMG goat!

Gratuitous pic with Mommy

Little punkin'

Last year we had to prop him up - this  year he wouldn't sit still.

Let's hit the maze!

Who's that cute blondie over yonder?

Inspecting his surroundings.

Keep up, guys!

Your supercute dinner, Mahstah.

For posterity!

Representing his native team.

Still into open/close/open/close/open/close.

Seriously, Mom, enough pics.


  1. 5 stars! He has grown so much since last years visit to the patch!

  2. What fun! Cutest little kid at the pumpkin patch. I love his outfit with his shirttail hanging out. Darling boy.xxxxxoooooxxxxx
    Great Grandma