Sunday, May 8, 2011

25 Weeks

Wow, only 15ish to go!  We had awesome weather this weekend, and took advantage. Yesterday we tried out the pool in our complex and got some sun before heading to a high school friend's house for dinner.  I hadn't seen her in 16 years and we got to meet her husband and super cute 10 month old daughter.  I think once we are in the parenting routine we will have plenty of friends for Baby Bowerman to pal around with out here. 

Today we drove over to the Red Rocks area and went for a hike at Matthews/Winters Park.  Lacy was a trooper -- we need to get that girl in Colorado shape! 

After the hike we took a scenic drive up through the mountains and ended up in Boulder.  There were some great views from up high.

 So who is ready to visit us?  :-)


  1. We are! You guys look very healthy. See you in KC very soon!!

  2. The Bowermans are looking good! Tummy is getting bigger for sure! Won't be long and we will be with you. Bringing along something for Mr. B's big 4 0 b'day! xxxoooxxx Grandma