Monday, May 30, 2011

28 Weeks

Happy Memorial Day!  We've had a great long weekend which was both productive and relaxing.  What more can you ask for really?  We got our stroller on Friday evening, as REI was having a sale:

On Saturday we took a hike near El Dorado and saw some great views, even though it was a little overcast:

Mesa Trail
We continued our quest to see one movie in the theater per week for these last weeks of freedom, and saw Bridesmaids on Saturday evening.  Sunday I planted annuals for our little balcony - Chad is installing the hangers tonight:
We also went to a bbq Sunday which featured three pregnant women.  I am three weeks ahead of one, and the other is new to the club - only about 7 weeks.  It was a little strange to be the one who is furthest along!  This morning we ran some errands and put the pack and play together to make sure it was the one we wanted:

We took a nice long walk on the trail behind our neighborhood tonight, and now Chad is making spaghetti and I just pulled some Ghirardelli brownies out of the oven.  These will probably be a staple these last 12 weeks.  Here are some very unflattering post-walk belly pics from week 28:

I'm still feeling great.  I'm getting used to the intermittent back pain and still sleeping pretty well.  I have been very lucky so far.  He is moving a lot now, and his movements are more alien-like than just kicks and jabs.  It's hard to believe we are coming into the home stretch now. We are enjoying the last couple of months of our family of two (plus animals) but we are also really looking forward to what's in store!

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  1. Looking good, little mom. The cute teddy loves the new baby equipment! Looks like all is well in Lacey's world. Keep feeling good - brownies are good medication. xxxoooxxx Grandma