Tuesday, September 13, 2011

5 Weeks

Henry turned five weeks old on Monday.  Every day it seems he's cuter and more fun than the day before.  He's becoming more and more observant and alert, but we have yet to see a smile.  Hopefully soon!

We watched some great football on Saturday, including the epic Michigan win over Notre Dame, and on Sunday we lounged for most of the morning, and then took a drive through Rocky Mountain National Park.  This trip took longer than we had anticipated, but Henry was a total sport about being in the car for that long.  We saw some great scenery and are excited to go back in a few weeks and check out the fall colors.  It's so nice to have such beauty in our back yard!

Here are this week's pics - I am including some more from the family visits I finally pulled from the camera:



Hi!  I am one month old!

Telling a story

Giving orders

Being cute

Go Blue!

Keeping busy

Frequent funny face

Aunt Molly



Taking a stroll

Great Grandma

Daddy practicing the milkshake burping method

One month old feet

Wave your hands in the air like you just don't care

Pondering his new age

One month old hand


  1. Livin the dream indeed! and also dreaming of sleep? Henry is the CUTEST BABY IN THE WORLD!! And I love your slogans.

  2. How can that little doll get any cuter? He is certainly doing that each day! Great post, Norah Lee. xxxxxxooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. He's totally packing on the pounds! Awwww.