Wednesday, September 28, 2011

7 Weeks

Henry turned 7 weeks old on Monday.  We've had a busy week, including lunch downtown with my coworkers on Wednesday.  He was a big hit, even though he slept through the entire lunch.  It was nice seeing everyone and I could tell they were all looking forward to having me back, which makes the fact that I am returning to work next week a million times easier.  I am not really dreading it, but I know the first week of getting into the day care routine will be tough.  I'm glad Henry isn't old enough yet to have any separation anxiety - it will just be Mommy dealing with the separation!  I am definitely ready to get back into the adult world, but I will miss our weekday time together for sure.

We also had visitors in town - Abby and her family were here for a long weekend and I got to see her and her sweet kids a lot.  We visited the Butterfly Pavilion, the Museum of Nature and Science, and got to see Travis and her in laws on Saturday evening.  We really need to plan a trip to the bay area to see them while Henry can still fly for free!  Unfortunately we didn't get a picture of us with the kids, but we did get some proof we saw each other at all:
The scenic parking garage at the museum

Chad, Henry, and I drove to Vail on Sunday to get a look at the fall colors.  The aspens were definitely turning, and we had a beautiful day for it. 
On the way

Chins at high altitude

Enjoying the view from the stroller

Something Chad never thought he'd be doing at the Red Lion - he also changed a diaper there
Henry continues to chunk up and get heavier.  This morning I (sadly) pulled out most of his newborn clothes that no longer fit, and made sure all his 0-3 month stuff is washed and ready to go.  Late last week we bumped him up to #1 sized diapers, and for a day or two I thought we jumped the gun and almost bought some more newborn sized, because the #1s were enormous on him.  However, yesterday I noticed they look totally normal on him all of a sudden.  He is weighing between 10 and 11 lbs by our measure - he'll get his official numbers (and shots!) at his 2 month check up a week from Friday.  Chad is the lucky parent who gets to handle that duty.  We are still only getting sleeping and partial smiles, but we know any day now they'll be more frequent.  He definitely has some happy faces, so that is pretty fun.  He is still waking up about every three hours at night.  This should be interesting when I start back to work next week.  Fingers crossed for longer stretches. 

Why would you want such a cute face to sleep?!?

Daddy's boy

Kicked back

Smile tease

The shirt says it all

Just another exciting night at Casa de Bowerman

We keep telling her it will get better

Tummy time

End of tummy time

Hey there



A boy and his dog


  1. What wonderful pictures of a wonderful little family! OMG, what an adorable great grandson I have!! And his mom and pop are pretty cute, also! Great, great post. xxxxxoooooxxxxxx from
    Great Grandma

  2. He and Chad have the exact same hair in the picture of them face to face.

  3. Great photos! He could NOT be any cuter!!