Sunday, April 17, 2011

22 Weeks

I can't believe we are already at 22 weeks!  In about 5 more, we'll be entering the third trimester.  I would say time has flown by, but that would be a lie.  But I'm glad -- I have had a wonderfully easy pregnancy so far, and am hoping it continues.  Now that I can feel him in there it's a lot more fun.  I'm really missing the things I can't have, but I know this time will be over before I know it, and it's totally worth it. 

This week I felt a lot of movement.  Some days he was more active than others.  He seems to move/kick quite a bit on my way to work in the mornings - not sure if it's the heated seats (it's chilly in Denver in the mornings) or the bass from the 80s music I listen to.  Chad felt a little kick for the first time this morning.  So far it's still pretty light but now and then I feel a harder one and he finally had the timing right today. I know it's just the beginning of a lot more activity in there!

We spent the weekend in Vail.  It was so nice to drive up after work Friday and arrive in time to go to dinner and relax a bit. Chad skied on Saturday and had a fun day:

And this is how I spent most of Saturday, Kindle in lap:
The rest of the day I spent at the gym and napping.  It was great.

Friday night I was checking myself out in the mirror after dinner, and I think we had two different kinds of funhouse mirrors in our room.  In one I looked pretty big:


But in another I looked more reasonable for 22 weeks:

We also took a shot this morning in the same spot where we had a picture taken of us on our first ski trip together, during my law school spring break in 2006:
Of course we did some eating as well.  We had an awesome breakfast this morning at The Little Diner in Lionshead, and all the seats were around the kitchen.  We had a great spot:

I frequently get dessert (I don't get wine - lock it up!) and last night I had an inside out s'more in the hotel bar where we went to listen to some live music after dinner.  Cheese and CRACKERS it was delicious:
It was topped with meringue that tasted EXACTLY like toasted marshmallows, and inside was vanilla ice cream, graham cracker crust, and chocolate cake.  Oh man it was good.

All in all a great trip!  The altitude was a little tougher to take for me this time- in general I was just sleepier and walking made me a little more tired than it normally would.  But as soon as we got back to the mile high city, I was feeling super energetic again.  Have a great week!


  1. Such a nice weekend for you 3! Next year we plan to be enjoying Vail with you at some point! Love the shot from above on the next post!

  2. Sounds like Mommy and Daddy to be had a fun weekend and some mighty good dessert! That new little one is making your tummy pooch out and you are looking wonderful. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx