Sunday, April 3, 2011

Whoa! We're halfway there. . .

Greetings from week 20 and more specifically, from my sickbed. I came down with the same stomach bug Chad had five days ago which we had thought was food poisoning. I think it's a 24 hour deal, and I am just focusing on rest and hydration today. So, belly pics may have to wait until tomorrow unless I get some energy back later today.

We did find out it's a boy on Friday! This shocked me for sure - I was somehow confident he was a girl. But we are over the moon about a boy - I always wanted an older brother growing up and I know this makes one grandpa to be very happy after three daughters. Not to mention daddy to be. He was measuring great and all his organs were looking good so that's a relief. We saw lots of kicking and hand in the mouth action, and even a bout of hiccups. As I am still not feeling any movement this was great to see.

That's about it for now. . .back to my applesauce and water bottle.


  1. Waiting patiently for a belly shot. Hope you feel better soon. Good day to lie low!

  2. Hope you are feeling good by today, Norah Lee. I, too, am anxious to see your cute profile with the little bump and to hear what size veggie or fruit the little fellow is now!! xxxxxxxoooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxGrandma